NightWave Sleep Assistant

People often wonder if the NightWave Sleep Assistant really works and are sometimes skeptical of its intended purpose. Obviously, the device is not a one size fits all, and some have better luck than others. For certain people, it works right away and for others, it takes a bit more patience, time and repetition. I can personally vouch that it worked for me right off the bat. You may even recall my first experience with it.

Recently, the website, Does It Really Work, questioned the NightWave Sleep Assistant’s validity and decided to test it out themselves. Before testing the product, they did some research and provided both an overview and an evaluation of the NightWave. Their evaluation is not only honest, but also helpful. It states:

“This is a product that doesn’t work every time, even for those that say it has worked for them. Falling asleep easily is not an exact science, and many factors can contribute to it. It’s a matter of finding the right mix of products, and developing a good routine so that you can get to sleep in a reasonable amount of time.”

This is true, because as I mentioned above, the NightWave is not a one size fits all device and thus, it will not work for everyone. Luckily though, it does work for a lot of people and even if it doesn’t help some fall asleep, it may provide other benefits. For example, learning how to deep breathe and providing a meditative, stress-reducing experience.

So, after thoroughly testing the product, here is, Does It Really Work’s final verdict:

“We’re giving the NightWave our Thumbs Up review, as it’s been shown to work, just not for everyone. There are so many reasons why people can’t get to sleep that it would be hard for one product to work for everyone, every time. But it does work for a sufficient amount of people, a sufficient amount of the time to be able to say that it’s indeed effective, and worth a try at this price point.”

What do you think? Does the NightWave work or not? Feel free to read the entire review here, and cast your vote at the top of the page!



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