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Dr. Mitchell Proffman and James Voketaitis, authors of the recently released, Deep Sleep Naturally eBook, recommend the NightWave Sleep Assistant as an ingredient in creating a relaxing nighttime routine. Specifically, the authors promote it as a successful tool in learning deep breathing techniques and guiding sleep.

Furthermore, Proffman and Voketaitis emphasize sleep as one of the most vital components to health and longevity. Throughout the book, they focus on numerous strategies to overcome insomnia without the use of harmful addictive drugs, one of which is the NightWave Sleep Assistant. The authors speak about the stages and cycles of sleep, REM and NREM, herbal supplements, the mind-body connection, developing a bedtime ritual, deep breathing, meditation, yoga and a multitude of other ideas, all of which are helpful and important topics in developing healthy sleep patterns.

Additional ideas the authors discuss to help those with sleep issues include a consistent sleep/wake schedule, keep the bedroom temperature set around 69 degrees, make sure the bedroom is dark, keep a sleep journal and so forth. Proffman and Voketaitis speak about ways to effectively enable these ideas, both in their book and on their website.

For more information about the Deep Sleep Naturally eBook, please visit the Deep Sleep Naturally Website and Facebook page.

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