National Sleep FoundationToday marks the start of National Sleep Awareness Week (March 7-12). The weeklong event, sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation, focuses on sleep education and evaluation. Do you really know how important sleep is for your health and happiness? Here are three important facts that The National Sleep Foundation thinks every person should know.

You Need Seven to Nine Hours of Sleep Per Night

While you may think you can “cheat” on the amount of sleep you get, not getting enough Zs will eventually catch up with you. Work performance, safety, and your health can all be affected by losing out on precious hours of rest. While your morning latte may help you work through a lack of sleep, ultimately your body will not be able to keep up. For ultimate health, plan to get the allotted amount of time, even if it means cutting back on your social schedule.

Insomnia is More Than Just Having Trouble Falling Asleep

While insomnia is often characterized as having difficulty making the initial transition into sleep, it can also mean waking up too early and not falling back to sleep, feeling unrefreshed after sleeping, or waking up frequently throughout the night. If you can relate to any of these symptoms and find yourself being frustrated with your sleeping patterns, you are in luck. Insomnia is treatable.

Sleep is Important for Your Health

While you may notice that sleep ties directly to your mood, studies have also shown that a lack of sleep can be directly linked to obesity, cardiovascular problems, and diabetes. Sleep is also a time for your brain to “recharge” after the day.  Without regular sleep, you may be putting more than your mood at risk.

If you can relate to being one of the 42 percent of people that don’t sleep well every night, the above facts may be unsettling.  If you try to get the recommended amount of sleep, but find yourself lying awake, it’s time to get some help. Talk to your doctor, and look for sleep aide remedies such as NightWave to help you get your sleep, and your health, back on track.

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