NightWave Sleep AssistantLately, I have felt too giddy to sleep and my mind has been swarming with thoughts, ideas and to-do lists. Now, I’m definitely not stressed, just eager, happy and excited. Between this and recently joining the NightWave team, it seemed like the perfect time to test the product out. After all, I need to know exactly what I’m dealing with, right? Oh, and falling asleep quickly is nice too.

So, how did it go? Well, to be honest, I was surprised how well it worked and how fast I fell asleep. I had a suspicion I would respond well to it, especially since I am already aware of my breath thanks to my regular yoga practice, but wow it really worked! I used the seven-minute cycle, but repeated it a second time. Initially, the light was a little fast in comparison to my own breath, but it became more in sync as the cycle progressed.

I focused my attention on the blue light and my breath, as stated in the directions. Before I knew it, my eyes started to get heavier and heavier and take long, slow blinks. I was aware of my thoughts, but my mind did not allow me to think deeply or concentrate on anything. Thus, my thoughts passed on with the current. Finally, it reached a point where I literally could not keep my eyes open, though I had not actually fallen asleep. I knew that I was still awake, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not peel open my eyes. It was literally as if they had been glued shut. Then, probably within a few minutes I fell asleep, but truthfully I don’t even remember it happening. It all felt so organic and extremely relaxing.

I continued to use NightWave for the next couple nights to see if my experience would be any different, but it was the exact same thing. Next time, I am going to test out the 25 minute cycle. If anything, it may even be more effective since I naturally breathe slower and deeper from years of yoga.

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