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Summer is in full effect and we have the next few months ahead to enjoy all of its glory. We rejoice when this time of year rolls around, as many of us wait for it all winter long. We bask in the fun of the sun, barbeques, swimming, camping, hiking and much more. But, amidst all the fun also comes hot summer nights, a precursor for disrupted sleep.

For those without air conditioning, it takes some extra preparation to sleep comfortably on hot and sticky summer nights, but it is doable. Here are some preparation tips to ease the heat during your summer slumber:

  1. Select appropriate bedding: opt for linens and blankets that are light and not too confining. Sateen and silk sheets are light in weight, but tend to be insulating, so it’s not the best choice. Percale, on the other hand, is heavier in comparison, but allows for better circulation, which is key during the summer. For more information read, Buying Guide: The Best Sheets to Keep You Cool This Summer.
  2. Use a fan: in addition to circulating the air, fans provide soothing white noise and block outside disruptions.
  3. Wear lightweight PJs: just like bed linens, choose appropriate and lightweight fabrics for your body. Avoid long pants and sleeves, full nightgowns and anything restricting or heavy. If you’re comfortable with it, you can even forgo the pajamas completely and sleep in your underwear.
  4. Keep heat out during the day: to keep the house as cool as possible, close the blinds and windows in the daytime hours. At night, if the temperature outdoors is less than that of indoors, open the windows and use a fan to circulate the area and promote cross-ventilation.
  5. Sleep in a lower level: we all know that heat rises, so if you live in a multiple story house, the lower you are, the cooler it will be. Think about switching bedrooms or relocating to a different area of the house for the summer or just on those really sweltering nights.
  6. Keep a cold pack near the bed: a frozen washcloth or cold compress is especially helpful for cooling off. If you wake up sweating in the night or can’t fall asleep initially because it’s too hot, grab the compress and place it on your forehead. Additionally, try combining the use of the cold cloth with the NightWave Sleep Assistant - temperature regulation and relaxation, all in one.



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