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When dealing with troubled sleep or insomnia, one always feels tired. Those that are sleep deprived will also face restlessness, anxiety and depression too.

Though one can avail medical treatments for this condition, it will only offer a temporary solution for sleep disorders. If one wishes to have an alternative solution, then seek out herbal sleep aids to tackle sleep deprivation.

Many research and studies reveal that such sleep problems can be eliminated when used parallel to medications.

Natural herbal sleep aids to help sleep deprivation:

Kava Kava:

This is a popular herb used to treat sleeping problems. This herb has already found its reputation as one of the most used herbal sleep aids throughout the U.S. and South seas.

This natural sleep aid helps calm and relax the body naturally, and also encourages dreaming. This herb is widely recommended for insomnia, but its use is not recommended long-term, as it can affect the liver.


This well-known herb has been used as an herbal sleep aid since the ancient times, and has even been referred to as, “nature’s valium,” but is not addictive. It has the ability to ease tension of the nerves and muscles, and also controls anxiety. It can also be used as a calming treatment for restlessness.

Valerian can be used safely with prescribed medications to get better relief from sleep disorders. Do not perform activities like driving, operating machinery  or other serious activities when taking this herb, as it can cause dizziness.


Chamomile is among the herbal sleep aids that have been used for many generations. This gentle herb is very safe and can be administered to both children and adults. One can consume it as a tea by steeping it in boiling water, and then sipping the hot liquid. It has a pleasant, mild flavor that appeals to many.

The herb offers a soothing effect that helps one sleep and also eliminates restlessness. It has no side effects, but remember to consult with a doctor if you wish to consume it with other medications.


Aztecs used this herb as a sedative, as it is equipped with calming and sleep-inducing abilities. This herb can be administered to both kids and adults.

Passionflower can ease stress and tension, while helping the body relax and sleep well. This herb can be administered as a tea, capsule or tincture.


This common herb is widely known for its calming effect, as it has ingredients similar to those found in valerian, but tastes better than the latter. Drink it as a tea each night to sleep soundly.



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